A Fish Called Rosa-Marie

Small pond at JHMany years ago, a strange thing happened to me as I paused to watch a fish swim in a pretty little pond in my mother’s garden.  It shimmered as the sunlight reflected off its beautiful golden scales.  I stood there taking in its beauty  – and then a remarkable happening occurred.  As I watched its mesmorizing beauty I suddenly became the fish.  I had fins and a tail  and as I opened my mouth and water rushed in and I could feel it go through my gills.  Everything felt normal, I was just experiencing what it was like to be a fish.  My feeling of amazement was not that I was a fish but that the water did not feel like water to me as I knew it when I was a human – it didn’t feel wet at all but rather felt like heavy air, that is to say damp air or air that had a lot of condensation in it.
I enjoyed moving through this ‘air’ feeling a new and different sense of freedom of movement but then without any warning, I was back standing on the path in my human body.
We never quite know how or why these things happen. It was such an enjoyable experience.  Thank you Universe!

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