A New Understanding

child meditatingI heard a spiritual teacher/healer make a comment on how people aren’t practising meditation and mindfulness regularly to make a significant change in their lives.  In agreeing I realised that we were taught in school to learn.  When we had learnt something there was no need to practice it.
When the mind has learnt something new, it stores it in the left hemisphere of the brain for future reference.  It can then retrieve the knowledge when asked for.  It has learnt it therefore it knows!  This has been the way we educated ourselves for centuries.
But learning about energy is different.  We learn about it and we intend to incorporate it daily.  But do we?  We are meant to live it!    We learn that there are different levels or vibrations of energy that we can tune into.  When we tune into higher frequencies, than the collective consciousness is at, then our lives can become more peaceful and harmonious.  This is what we want!  The key to changing our circumstances is to change our thinking and our habits on a daily basis and this means we have to incorporate new habits into our lives. 
My tip to you…make them tiny habits so they are achievable and then build on them.

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