A Realisation

Pegs on clotheslineI had just finished a phone reading for a client.  During the reading I had a remarkable understanding come to me.  I will endeavour to put it into words.
I was sharing with my client a ‘present moment’ experience that I had when I was present hanging out the washing.  I told her that I heard a peg going into the cloth of the garment I was pegging.  I heard it clearly with no other thoughts going on in my head to separate me.  My realisation was now that I valued that moment.  It was precious to me.  Why?  I was simply pegging the clothes and yet because I was present the moment became precious, what I was doing had value.
Instantly I realised that we place no value on the little things we are doing.  It is just cleaning, or taking out the garbage, looking after the children.  These things we judge often as mundane and not skilled occupations.  It is not valued simply because our mind is elsewhere and we are not present. Being Present makes a gift of what action our body is performing.  Being Present allows the Light of God to flow through the action.  The gift is not only for me but the whole world.
I realised that all our work is simply an action for us to be present in.  In realising that, I knew the value was not the job but in the action of being presentI realised that everything is of equal value.  Washing up, cleaning toilets or working professionally.  To be present is to be fully conscious.  In a state of full consciousness, all knowledge and all happiness can be experienced and Love flows.

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