Increasing Our Light

sunset-light-calmWe need to call our power back,  We are amazing beings of Light and imagine increasing the Power of our Light when we become whole.  Living so many lifetimes, experiencing so many challenges, we often leave part of ourself back in that time and maybe even in another dimension.  So Mother Mary gave me the understanding that now it is time to increase our Light by calling back to the here and Now, all of ourselves. 
Each day, se send our consciousness to work, to home, to our children, whatever if fact, that the mind thinks of, our consciousness goes.  So meditate to change your brain wave pattern; to give your mind a rest by bringing it home and then call your power back with these words.

“I call my power back through all time, space and all dimensions……I allow my body to accept all of myself into my soul, heart. mind and body.”

 Allowance and acceptance is very important because otherwise there may be some resistance. 
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