Have You Heard The Call?

If, as Mother Mary says, the Light must outweigh the Dark in 2017, it is up to each one of us to make a choice.  If we were to unite, collectively, around the world, we would make a huge Light.  Enough to change the consciousness of the planet.  Our first thought would be for the good of everyone and everything in the Universe.   We can begin by taking our power back from what we have been thinking about all the years.  Our self, our small self, is usually the subject. What we want the world around us to look like … Read More…

Upgrade With Ease and Grace

An Important Message… So many of you have opened your hearts to take in higher vibrations of Light.  If that is the case, notice if you are experiencing more headaches than usual or even possibly migraine. I have found that if the higher frequencies of Light and the energy/Light in the cells of your body don’t match it causes a distortion/resistance in the flow which may bring pain. usually in the head.  This may be due to the patterns of neurons formed by the old programming of beliefs even as far back as thousands of years.  Deepak Chopra says that … Read More…



We are in a 9 Year and at this time of completion, like many others, I have no idea what is going to happen next year, where I will be living – in Sydney or Jacaranda Haven.  Needless to say a host of questions keep going through my head. Master Kuthumi says:  Do not struggle with these questions but allow them to be arrows that pierce the veil of forgetfulness allowing a fountain of Knowledge to spring up out of the desert of a dry and thirsty mind.   



We are all feeling the effect of the changes that are taking place in the world today, in our lives and in our bodies.   So the need to create space in our minds and bodies is very necessary and strong. With our minds full of what to do, where to go, how to do whatever we have to when we don’t even know where we are going, how can hear the guidance of your guides and Angels. How can we spot the synchronicities and allow our intuition to operate? Mother Mary keeps telling me to be present. STOP LISTENING TO … Read More…

How To Stop Your Thinking Easily


Many people have trouble in finding the 20 or 30 minutes each day to meditate.  If you are one of these, here is a tip that will keep you connected to your intuition and to your guides. Realising that it is only the constant chatter in your mind that keeps you disconnected, try giving your mind a deliberate focus and one of the easiest ones I know is to focus on your breathing. Stop whatever you are doing and stand or sit still.  Turn your attention onto your breathing.  Take an inward breath as you count up to 6, then … Read More…

Surprising News from Nancy Valentine Smith


At the Academy of Light Meeting on the 25th July, 2016, Nancy surprised us all. She told us to stop wearing our crystals that made it obvious that we were spiritual.  She said that the Earth is releasing energies that have been locked inside her since 1926 – all doorways are now open – so there are all sorts of energies flying around, perhaps looking for the Light and we could pick them up.  So, if we don’t want to spend each day clearing our energies, then we should go about minding our own business, and if going shopping for … Read More…

Practising Being Present


I had been practising “being present”, quite intensively and seriously.  It required full focus on whatever you were doing with expanded awareness.  It was not concentration to the exclusion of everything else – it was rather attention fixed on the subject while the mind was aware of all that was going on around you. The practise soon showed me that my mind never stayed with the work in hand but rather danced off in another direction.  So while my body was performing one task, I noticed that the thoughts going on in my head were about something quite different.  Further … Read More…

The Downward and Upward Spiral


If the world is in a downward spiral are you content to be one of the people in it? Are you constantly looking at your life and seeing what is wrong with it?  Are you constantly trying to ‘fix’ you life or imagining when and how your life would/could be better?  Better than what?  What can’t you accept that is in your life RIGHT NOW.  Is the basis behind what you are thinking – I will be happy when my finances, relationship, job, home life, isn’t the way it is right now? If this is what you are thinking, you … Read More…

In Divine Order


Sometimes we find ourselves in a very painful situation.  It could be a physical illness, or an emotional situation.  The pain makes it extremely difficult to understand the reason or cause.  We feel we are a victim to what has happened to us. As the egoic mind is a global mind that we connect to at times thought patterns such as victim ones, floating on the ethers, lodge in our consciousness bringing with them resistance to whatever is. To heal yourself and help the world, firstly there must be harmony in body, mind and spirit. To create harmony, first let … Read More…

Truth or Untruth?

Breathe In the Light

“What do you want in life, Truth or Untruth for as Truth rises so does Untruth and only in stillness can one discern from the other” As the Light amplifies all that we are, not only our Light grows but so does our shadow (ego). Practice noticing your reactions.  Notice the feeling inside you.  Notice that reactions are ALL ABOUT ME. My feelings, My pain. My life.  How everything affects ME.  Simply notice……do not criticise or judge yourself. Repeat these words in your mind. I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE LIGHT I AM THE BELOVED … Read More…

Helping With Anxiety

When feeling fearful or anxious, sit quietly and observe the feeling of anxiety and where it is in the body.  Allow it to be there, just observe it, just watch it.  Now breathe…breathe in and out again.  Try keeping your mind focused on the breath for the entire inhalation and exhalation.  This will stop the thoughts and quieten your mind.  Extend your focus to include your listening and listen to all the sounds around you…keep observing the feeling…keep breathing. Direct the mind to bring the Light from the Highest Heavens, down through your body to the feeling.  Let go any … Read More…

Anything’s Possible

Do You Want to Change Your Life? If you are unhappy, stressed, in pain and constantly thinking ‘it is all too hard’ here is what you can do. Make a cup of tea, sit down and first of all clearly imagine what you would like your life to look like.  Once you get a clear picture of how you would like – here are the steps to follow:- Ask yourself what is your energy like – is it high, medium or quite low?  Has your energy been dragged down by your thoughts?   Be honest with yourself, are you feeling tired … Read More…

A Whole New Life

A lady came to see me the other day.  She was bubbling with excitement.  “I am reading your book”, she said, “and it has changed my life.  I have begun noticing what my mind is saying. It babbles away all day long and one of the things it says to me is ‘It is all too much’ – when thinking of how I am going to get my needs met and I have just realised that I have been saying or thinking those words for years”. If what we think creates our reality, no wonder she always felt overwhelmed and … Read More…

Everything Will Be Alright

sleep - restless

I am experiencing so many challenges at the moment and I was so uplifted to hear Nancy Valentine Smith talk at the Academy Of Light gathering recently where she said that many people are having challenges and there is good reason.  It is a major step to Ascension. The shadow in our DNA, in the cells of our body will challenge for survival.  After many years of work on ourselves, we have arrived at a place where our timeline (which may be hundreds of years long) must be cleared for us to ascend to the next level or dimension. Read … Read More…

Nabiac Connections

Nabiac Talk

Once a month in 2016 I have been speaking at Earth, Body & Soul in Nabiac.  The group is growing and the connection to the Light and each other is getting stonger.  They have even created their own study circle on a Wednesday evening in foster centred aroun my book How To Move Forward – Leave Your Thoughts Behind. The next talk is on the 18th June entitled Abundance and Prosperity.  Limited tickets left.  go to Earth, Body & Soul Facebook.

Do You Ask A Lot Of Questions?

Universal Connection

I recently came across an old channeling from Master Kuthumi.  Yet is as pertinent today as it was back in the 90’s. Master Kuthumi said to me, “You ask a lot of questions.  How can you possibly hear any of the answers with all that noise and confusion in the front of your head?  The answers are deep within you and can only rise to the surface when the mind is still.  Be still, and let the mind settle and be quiet.  Be in the NOW.  Everything is here NOW.  Re=establish your connection with the ALL“.

Are Your Thoughts Making You Old?

angel thinking

Thoughts have substance and can be very weighty.  It is the weight of them that weighs us down at times, let alone asking the body to eliminate the adrenalin and cortisol they produce.  They use our very consciousness and our energy, leaving us tired and drained.  Our cells get depleted of Light and water and this is a very big part of the aging process….Rosemary Butterworth, author of How to Stop Thinking,Leave Your Thoughts Behind. 

A Lesson Learnt

mandala-Sylvia Anshara

Easter is a time of renewal, rebirth and new life, so take this time to set intentions and invigorate your direction in life.  Notice when you fail to find time to meditate, notice if you are trying to fit your spiritual disciplines into your life instead of fitting your life into your spiritual disciplines.  Notice when you have ceased practicing or using some of your tools that were so important to you when you learnt them but now lie forgotten in your memory. I would like to share with you a recent time when I forgot to use important tools … Read More…