It’s A New Day!


 Each morning you wake up to a new day, not a day left over from yesterday.  A new day has begun – it is such a gift! Treat it as if you have just arrived from another planet and everythng is fresh.  See your room for the first time, experience a shower as if you haven’t had one before and feel the delight of the water on your skin.  Taste each mouthful of food as you eat your breakfast without letting thoughts about the day entering your head and very importantly see your partner as though you are just meeting … Read More…

Change Your Thoughts

Nearly every morning when we wake up, our Lower Mind will tell us what is wrong with our life.  What we have to ‘fix’.  And so we go into our Left Hemisphere of our brain (Lower Mind) and search for ways to ‘repair’ our finances, relationships, work or health, little realising that it has been our thoughts that have created the situations and the Lower Mind is only giving us ways to create more of the same. To change our situations we must change our thoughts!!!  We need to be present and connect to the Right Hemisphere, the Higher Mind.  … Read More…

What Is Your Truth?

Golden Rays

After reading my book, a lady rang for a phone session.  When I asked her in what way could I help, she said that 2015 had been such a financial struggle and since she worked for herself, how could it be improved? As I checked her energy body I noticed a thought form that had become a belief. It was “I need to work harder or I will still be struggling in 2016.”  When I told her what I had seen, she gasped, because that was exactly what she had been thinking.  But she had not known, not only was it … Read More…

Mother Mary’s Message

Mother Mary

I woke up this morning feeling very irritated and frustrated.  It wasn’t a nice feeling.  I knew there was no point in analysing why I felt this way because it didn’t matter if someone had stood on my toes in another lifetime or if I could find someone or something to blame.  The crux of the matter was that I felt like this NOW, and I realised I was frowning and looking glum.   Boy, it was a nasty mood and I didn’t feel happy. The next thing I knew, as I walked into the kitchen, Mother Mary had a message for … Read More…

Think Beautiful Thoughts

Archangel Jophiel

This message from Archangel Jophiel came through my friend John Levine in 2012 and I marvel at how timeless it is. “Think beautiful thoughts.  Ask yourself during the day if this thought is of the 3rd dimension or is it from the 5th?  Is this thought kind and full of love.  Keep in mind that thoughts that are negative keep you locked into the illusion.” So, don’t be locked in!  Keep your thoughts high and enjoy life! (John Levine is a composer of music that takes you into an alpha state –

Search Your Heart


It is now 2016. Does the thought of repeating 2015 fill you with dismay?  Search your heart and see what you want to change in your life. Do you want to be less reactive, less irritated, less frustrated and much more patient and peaceful?  If that is the case, you will have to change your thought patterns.  You will need to notice when you are judgemental and critical – when you want life to look different to how it does – because thinking these type of thoughts always make a person frustrated and often angry. So the first step to a … Read More…

Intention For 2016

Group Energy

 When in a group meditation – intend that the group clear the blockage/sentence, etc. from Universal Consciousness, not just for ourselves alone.State: “Through the Grace of God, across all time, space and planes of existence may this clearing of  … … … … be removed from this body and Universal Consciousness. So Be It.  It is done, It is done, It is done.”

I Am Not My Mind

World view

To know what our true nature is, we must begin by experiencing and knowing what it is not.  We need to be able to discern, to evaluate whether the situation, or thing we want is for our highest good.  Remember whatever we believe to be true, is never questioned.  So a useful habit is to ask oneself  is this true? Particularly if we believe we are right. Every negative emotions feed the egoic (Lower) mind.  Imagine this, whenever the Lower mind gets ‘hungry’ it searches through our database (left hemisphere).  When it finds an old fear or anxiety and brings … Read More…

Spreading The Light


We have read and accepted the words as fact that we have come here from another world to help shift the consciousness of the planet, for the words rang true in our heart. This knowledge began our journey of Self-discovery.  We wanted to know who we were and our divine purpose for we felt that there was something more to life than what we were experiencing at present.  What we weren’t aware of was the distance we would have to travel on our journey.  It wasn’t a distance in miles, although we have been taken to many distant lands whilst … Read More…

Be The Light of The World

Full Moon JH jan 15

Master Kuthumi says…In order to be the Light of the world, return to the Mother (Earth) for she is connected to the Father (Sun).  On your own you shine as a single candle shines in the dark.  It is time now for you to increase the illumination of your Light. Plug into Source, so to speak.  Plug into the Master switch and this allows more Light to shine.  This multiplies the illumination 1,000 fold.  Remember, you are not alone.  Be conscious at all times that you are an aspect of the Father/Mother/God who left Source to experience separateness. Now it … Read More…

Letter to a Friend


This is an extract from a letter that I wrote in 1993 to a friend – was it a beginning of unity consciousness? All adjectives spring from thinking that is based in duality. For the minute you have ‘good’, ‘bad’ comes into being. The minute you have ‘hot’, ‘cold’ has to exist. This is because the word creates polarity. You can’t have a top without a bottom. For one to be in existance there has to be the other. Positive/negative and so on, one exists by virtue of the other. They are in relationship to each other. I read once, … Read More…

In Truth There Is Only ONE

I AM spiral

Shakespeare said “All the world is a stage and the men and women are merely players.” Anand Giriji said when he spoke in Australia that all the conflict in the world comes from ‘Me and Mine’. It’s time to let go the separateness of Me and Mine and become ONE. In truth there is only ONE. Maybe it’s time for us to realise the following. Now is the time to get off the stage and stop wanting to be the hero or heroine in our daily dramas. It is time to realise it is not all about US! This is … Read More…

The Perfect Prayer

Fern View by Terri

While walking down the street the ‘Perfect Prayer’ came to mind. It led the mind back to a truthful reference point and a connnection with the senses was made. The senses became heightened as I simply walked on. It was effortless. I did nothing. Joy arose from deep within and I realised that I was experiencing greater happiness than I had ever experienced while ‘enjoying’ my circling thoughts. This was a great revelation to me as I always felt that I enjoyed my dreams more than anything and, in fact, I worked hard to give up my dreaming, my circling … Read More…

Clearing Anger

Stormy Skies by Terri

When there is anger in the body it can be likened to putting your foot on the accelerator and burning tyres. You don’t move anywhere, but you burn up heaps of energy. It is extremely destructive to yourself and everyone around you when you are in the grip of anger. It is said that the parietal lobes of the brain have become stimulated since birth. When we were born the frontal lobes at the front of the brain were activated. We could look and not name things, we could observe. We were aware of how our mother felt because there … Read More…

Manifesting Abundance

Abundance mentor, Jason Snaddon, spoke at the Academy of Light on Monday, 19th Oct., 2015. His talk brought up a memory of something that happened in my life that I would love to share in the hope that it helps you. What Jason said was, “it is impossible to attract Abundance into your life when you are feeling lack in your body and thinking about all the things that haven’t worked, because more lack is what you will attract.” One morning, a decade or so ago, I was very upset. I was responsible for Academy debts and at that time … Read More…

The Gift In Being Present

Washing on the line

I have just finished a phone reading for a client. During the reading I had a remarkable understanding come to me. I will endeavour to put it into words. I was sharing with my client a ‘present moment’ experience that I had when I was present hanging out the washing. I told her that I heard a peg going into the cloth of the garment I was pegging. I heard it clearly with no other thoughts going on in my head to separate me. My realisation was now that I valued that moment. It was precious to me. Why? I … Read More…

Are You Sentencing Yourself?

angel in garden

I channelled Master Korton for one of my clients recently.  In listening back I found this piece very interesting. Master Korton said: “What is a sentence?  A judge passes a sentence and a man is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.  You speak sentences all day.  Are your sentences imprisoning yourself? “ Sentences create our reality.  Listen to what you are thinking and saying and see what sentences you are passing.  How many times do you say in a week “I can’t afford that…..I cannot do that……etc.,”