AWARENESS is the first sign of Spiritual Awakening.

Three important things to notice:  Distraction, Avoidance, Resistance. To increase your level of awareness, You must practice noticing. You have To be present and mindful to Notice something…. (from How to Move Forward) 1. DISTRACTION. What is it we look for to avoid seeing what needs to be done. What we turn to, to avoid having to be present. Ask yourself. “What don’t I like doing?” “What are my preferences, my likes and dislikes and why?  2. AVOIDANCE. Not wanting to be where we are at the moment. Not wanting to be present. Ask yourself: “What am I avoiding? “What … Read More…


While showering last night something was playing on my mind and I felt anxious and confused.  I didn’t even noticed the delicious water that was showering down.  Suddenly I heard, in my mind, three words.  They sounded as if they were being shouted into my subconscious.  The words were “Be Here Now”.  The effect was amazing.  I literally stopped thinking and awoke to my surroundings.  I felt the warming, soothing sensation of the water as it hit my back and felt the soap in my hand.  Everything became very still and peace flooded my whole body. In a flash I … Read More…

The Still Small Voice

“Whilst sitting meditating beside the Labyrinth, preparing myself to walk it, I heard the ‘still small voice’ speak to me. It said; “every step you tread consciously, is one step closer to Me”. These words have had a remarkable effect on me ever since. Now, whenever I feel my feet on the floor or ground, I become centred, I think of the God within. My whole perspective of the moment changes. All is right with the world.”…13/7/2013.Rosemary

An Angel Meditation

At the moment, the Angels are asking me to write this meditation: “For all those whose lives are getting too hard to bear – upon rising each morning put aside a few minutes of the day to be with them. Light a blue candle to connect with Archangel Michael’s blue Angels, green for Gabriel, yellow for Uriel and red for Raphael. (White is fine because it contains all colours). Have beside the candle, a fresh flower (this helps to lift the vibrations of the room). Sit in front of your candle and ask Archangel Michael to fill the room with … Read More…

Drink More Water

Did you know that often when people are thirsty, this gets mistaken as hunger? • Dehydration can contribute to slowing down one’s metabolism. • Daytime fatigue • Fuzzy, short term memory • Difficulty in focusing Water has proven itself to be a wonderful aid for many ailments. 8 – 10 glasses of water a day could significantly east back pain and joint pain


Use your feelings and emotions to tell you when you are attached. We can ask what are you attached to and what are you feeding or giving your priceless energy too. Here are some examples of thoughts that you may have that show you the need to release attachments. Am I attached to an outcome? Do I want life to look a certain way? If so, how much of my day do I spend thinking about this Am I attached to what it is I think I haven’t got? Am I attached to wanting people to like me? (Am I … Read More…

Dial Up Frequency With Your Thoughts

I AM Archangel Michael Be conscious of the vibration or frequency that you are in now. You can dial up the frequency with your thoughts. Each band of frequency contains different thought patterns, different topics. A topic is an energy vibration and will fit into the band of colours. Notice how the topic changes your mood for the body reacts energetically to the topic. So if the topic is one of concern, chemicals will be produced by the body and cause reactions in thoughts, moods and deeds. The idea is to become aware of the topic and what range of … Read More…

A Channelling from Lord Sananda

Be as great as you can be. Be bold. Go forth from here and teach/speak/write books. Hold the energy.  Support others.  You are supported. For you are Love and are Loved. Call upon us by name each day And that will bring forth that quality in you that you are now encoded with. Sunat Kumara           –   Love Palace Athena           –   Wisdom Ashtara                      –   Truth Dwal Khul                  –   Courage and Strength Archangel Michael    –   Protection Master Kuthumi       –   Knowledge Lady Nada                 –   Beauty El Moirya                   –   Joy Lord … Read More…


“Be aware of the changes taking place now, in the world and in your body.  Some actions or situations have a very deep downward spiral.  Be aware that we live in a world of duality and there is always the opposite effect. This means there is a positive upward spiral of light of equal force an intensity to the downward spiral. So observe these spirals and realise you have a choice.  Do you want to be caught up in all the negativity of the downward spiral or choose to connect to the upward spiral of light?  This upward spiralling creates … Read More…

Making Happy Couples – Well Worth Seeing!

It is great to see that they are using techniques such as gratitude and journaling to bring four unhappy couples to understand what has pulled them apart and how they can come back together again.  Thought provoking and gives deep insight into what makes a couple happy.See it on ABC tonight at 8.30-a series

Is Your Mind a Prison – or a Castle?

When you have a problem, your mind is trapped, limited and small.  All it thinks about is the problem twenty-four seven looking for the answer.  Your problem has become a prison.  The key to unlock the door of this prison cell is meditation.   In this expansive state the answer has a chance to drop in. 

The Wonder Of It All!

In a moment of giving………we receive our Abundance In a moment of loving ………we release all anger and fear and experience love. In a moment of being ………we experience our True Nature which is purity and perfection. If we could give, love and be in every moment…..we would realize all Worries, negative emotions are just part of the great illusion. The Universe is an Act of Love. ……..Author Unknown.