Phone A Friend

phoneWhen in overwhelm, feeling like it is all too hard, phone a friend.  One day last week, I felt so overwhelmed, there was just so much to do and so little time to do it in, I burst into tears.
However, I also had the insight to ring a friend who worked with me and knew me inside out.  She gave me some excellent advice, in fact the same advice that I give to my clients which is to breathe, go and put some good music on, (I have a whole pile of CD’s I recommend) and to spray myself with a high energy spray – in this case the White Rose spray I had made up using a Grail Haven Essence.  

I really needed her to say all this to me at the time as my thoughts and emotions were running and I couldn’t hear any of my own guides.
So pick out a special friend and ring them when the energy of negativity is stronger than you.  

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