Re-Imagine Yourself

Tree trunkIf you wake up feeling tired, anxious or confused try this simple exercise for a few minutes. 
Close your eyes and imagine you are a tree and that you are going to transplant yourself.  Dig a hole in a lush part of the forest, a place that is serene and healing.  Make it a fairly large hole and carefully step into it.  Imagine roots coming out of the feet going deep down into the soft brown earth.   Gently pack the earth around your feet, wriggling your toes as you do this, feeling the comfort and love of Mother Earth protecting and re-energising you. Feel the Sun’s glow beaming down upon you. Take a few minutes to just breathe, deep long conscious breaths.
Notice how refreshed you feel and thank the Earth and slowly come back into the room knowing that you are now grounded and can begin the day’s activities.

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