Self Responsibility

Trevor-WieSometimes when you attend a workshop, even though you have been attending them for years, something awakens inside you.  There is a new insight or way of understanding things.  This happened to me at Trevor Wie’s workshop at Jacaranda Haven the 1st weekend in April.   During the workshop Trevor said, “watch what you are thinking because it goes into the Earth.  It goes into the Earth’s memory banks and there it lies for someone to connect to.”  I felt these words enter my heart and the seriousness of that statement.  If stressed, angry, or even depressed, these emotions and thoughts/words have gone into the Earth’s memory and can only create more negativity.  So not only do we help ourselves by thinking positive thoughts and say uplifting affirmations, but we are helping the Earth and all the beings that live on her.   What we think matters!

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