Letting Go

I think this says what letting go is so well. Let us consider the possibility that any story which can be expressed right now, is simply of the past. The past, like that of the water in a river which has already moved on, has moved on. It does not exist anymore. The banks of the river may appear to be the same as before, yet as the river of life remains in a state of perpetual motion and cycle of renewing, it is constantly refreshing itself in every moment, giving birth to the new in the now!….. Shivalla Dharma … Read More…

A Light Bulb Moment

How To Move Forward

Had a light bulb moment this morning.  I should have called my book – Leave Your Thoughts Behind And Move Forward instead of the other way around.  It became blindingly obvious to me that letting go your thoughts is paramount to moving forward.  My book will help you do just that!  Click here to find out more about it.