Reflect on This

Our physical body is a miraculous creation. When we came here to do our mission we were given a vehicle that would support this.  It can walk us in the ‘right’ direction and take on the ‘burden’ that we need to carry during this lifetime.  It has been designed not only to renew cells but to heal itself and above all else, transmute lower frequencies into Light when necessary so we can continue our service.  The mind can prevent us from doing our service/mission by keeping us in fear, survival, greed and judgement.  These very low frequencies cause illness and … Read More…

A New Practice

I was speaking to Karen Quant, (Boori Boori Labyrinth) yesterday and we were discussing the effects of the recent very high energy and she told me that she feels it will continue for the rest of the month.   If the energy is going to stay high, we must watch out for the amplification of our beliefs.  For instance if we have a belief that we have to work hard to get what we want, we don’t want to amplify that. So instead, here is a new practice for you. Upon waking up say:- I AM LOVE, I DESERVE LOVE, ALL MY … Read More…



We are in a 9 Year and at this time of completion, like many others, I have no idea what is going to happen next year, where I will be living – in Sydney or Jacaranda Haven.  Needless to say a host of questions keep going through my head. Master Kuthumi says:  Do not struggle with these questions but allow them to be arrows that pierce the veil of forgetfulness allowing a fountain of Knowledge to spring up out of the desert of a dry and thirsty mind.   

Calm The Mind, Fill With Peace

Lord Ganesha

Ask Lord Ganesha to remove any and all obstacles that are stopping my mind be calm and tranquil and full of Peace so I could serve God more fully. “Observation showed me that the thoughts would be about the past (or an event that had happened) or the future (usually an expectation of something to happen and what that event would be like and my reactions to the ‘probably event) I realised that for a good part of the day I was ‘living’ my perspective of the past or future. Very, very rarely was I in the NOW with MIND … Read More…

What Station Are You Listening To?

If you liken your mind to a radio station, what type of music (thoughts) are playing?  Are you listening to an upbeat, vibrant station, a calm and peaceful station or a stressful durge?  They all have different frequencies.  Know you have control of the dial and if you don’t like what’s playing change stations of your mind.

How to create Abundance in your life

Create a space in your mind to allow miracles to enter. 1. Set the intention to feel your feet on the ground every time you wash your hands. 2. Take a deep breath and centre your energy/body. 3. Reclaim your power and whole presence by saying “I Am (followed by your name)     100%.  4. Feel and visualise the miracle you desire, then let it go!

Amazing Truths From The Other Side

Claire (not her real name) had been coming to see me professionally for about 20 years and during that time we had become firm friends.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to embrace a person’s journey – to see them get married and have children – to watch them grow spiritually. My work with Claire was to help her realise that her mind loved dramas and above all else to notice what her mind was repeatedly telling her and not to believe it at all.  The theory was that it was the left side of her brain – … Read More…