Talking to ghosts – A Surprise Visit

LisianthusI had been run down and was in great need of a rest and some peace and quiet.  My husband and I decided to go to Tasmania as I had never been there before.  My gentle, loving husband picked out a motel ‘with water views’, close to Launceston, which seemed to be ideal.  The water views turned out to be water glimpses and the motel was on a piece of land between two major highways.  The noise was horrendous and I collapsed on the bed and sobbed.
Feeling responsible and distressed at my state and need for rest, my caring husband went in search of the manager.  The manager was very sympathetic, cancelled our booking and told us of a beautiful B & B only a few miles away, right on the Tamar river.  It was an old historic home, built on acreage, so had rolling green lawns, huge elm trees and when you walked through an arbor of roses, there was a very special cabin with a log fire.  It was just perfect, even the Manageress brought you a loaf of freshly baked bread every day.  It really was heaven.
We had just unpacked and made a cup of tea, when the manageress knocked on the door, bearing the gift of the freshly made bread.   I heard my husband thank her kindly and went to introduce myself too.  

The smile on her face couldn’t hide her sadness and her eyes were red and puffy.  I was taken back at her appearance and didn’t know what to say and then I noticed her son.  Later I found out that this was the first anniversary of his death and that he had been killed in a car accident.  He was only 20 when he had died.

Once again, it was what to say to her.  Particularly in her distress.  So I said something quite unimaginative.  I said, ‘Hullo, my name is Rosemary and I am a medium’.  Embarrassed, not knowing why I had introduced myself that way, my husband added; “and I am Extra – Large”.  

The laughter eased the tension and created a space for me to ask if she had lost a son recently.

What followed was the usual confirmation and then his message was astounding.  Apparently he had only been a passenger in the car and his mate who was also killed had been driving.
He told his Mother that he was so sorry that he didn’t say goodbye BUT…..could she do something for him.   Could she tell the Mother of the boy who was driving the car to forgive him.  He said; “when a child is little and a mother sends him to his room for being naughty after a period of time she goes up and explains what he did that was not acceptable behaviour but now all is forgiven. Unfortunately she has never forgiven him and this is stopping him ‘moving on to higher realms’ could you please tell her how important it is to forgive him.”

And so the message was passed on.
The Manageress was comforted in the knowledge that her son was still ‘alive and well’ and later joined a group of people who had lost children and was able to share her new knowledge with them.

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