The Bridge From War To Magic

Orange FlowerJide’s Words of Wisdom.
Whilst Narelle Green, founder of Soul Colour and author of Connect to Colour and I were staying at Sai Baba’s Ashram we ‘just happened’ to meet Jide. Jide was a very wise being and this is what he told us.
“The roll of the Guru is to take us through the war zone of the Casual Body from the lower mind to the higher mind. The Guru is like the sun, he just shines the Light, he cannot be otherwise. He just shines, whoever keeps the door open in his heart receives the Light. The Guru shines the Light on your path, for you to find the keystone to your own divinity, he knows the Divine, living for you to walk through the door to your Christed Self.
Jide explained the theory of the Absolute and the levels which it extends itself down the human existence, and what each of those levels are. He also explained in each of us we have a Christed Master, taking care of and watching over our enlightenment. This Christed Master brings whatever we need at the right time on to our path assisting us.
He explained the war zone and helped us to identify our own personal war zone. We could see our own lower mind and its obsessive thoughts. We could see we were so busy reacting to our obsessive negative thoughts, trying to fix them, extract them, dissolve them, whilst all the time we were being totally distracted from our own real focus, our Christed Self. It was so obvious we burst out laughing and realised that there was no war if we surrendered. It was such a comfort to surrender to the Will of Divine Mother as she knows all our needs.

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